Messor Barbarus (European Harvester ant) is a Polymorphic (Workers are all different sizes), active and non-dangerous species, they cannot spray acid or sting making them a good beginner species, however the large majors can bite so they are not suitable for small children while unattended.


‘Messor Barbarus’ are a unique species, they are harvester ants and so they collect seeds in the wild, you can provide them a seed mix from a pet shop to replicate this in captivity They also require protein, given in the form of freshly killed insects (not dry) and meats such as chicken, turkey, fish and ham.


Housing should be supplied in the form of a test tube and an outworld (we recommend one of our ‘Test Tube Outworlds’) until the colony reaches thirty to forty workers, then they can be moved into a formicarium (ant farm) that we also supply. This species is not native to the UK, so please do not release them into the wild, please message us if you no longer want your colony and we will arrange their return.

Messor Barbarus


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