High Quality 3D Printed Nest With A Clear Removable Acrylic Viewing Panel And A Cellulose Sponge Chamber For Adding Humidity To The Nest, as well as the new Brood Storage Chamber. Comes In Clear Or Green. Made For Use With The Antz For All Modular Outworlds.


Featuring the new and innovative brood storage chamber allowing ants to store the brood compactly and allow easy transportation of it.


1 Antz For All 3D Modular Nest Long.


1 Modular Nest Lid.


2 Blanking Caps.


(Please Allow 5-7 Working Days For Processing) (Not Recommend For Small Species Of Ants Such As Pheidole Or Solenopsis)



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Antz For All Modular Nest Long (Size 2)

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