Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

How are your products made?

All of our products are made using high-tech '3D Printing', this allows us to create a multitude of different items, the only downside is that '3D Printing' takes a lot of time, thats why we have a slightly longer processing time than other ant shops that don't use this type of technology.

Is '3D Printing' safe for ants?

'3D Printing' is a safe and reliable method of creating ant nests, so rest assured that your ants will be totally safe in our products.

What ants can I keep with your products?

All of our accessories are suitable for virtually all species of ant, ranging from Lasius To Polyrhachis and even Myrmecia. Our nests/outworlds are suitable for most species of ants, except extremely small species such as 'Monomorium' and extremely large species such as 'Harpegnathos' - We would also not reccomend 'Escape Artist' species such as 'Solenopsis'.

The tubing that I recieved doesn't fit into the nest/outworld?

The tubing supplied with our products is guaranteed to fit into the intended ports, you may find that dipping the tubing into boiling water for around 10 seconds and then trying to fit it into the nests will allow it to fit with more ease, if this is not the case, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. (Our tubing is not guaranteed to fit into other modules that are not produced/sold by us)

How often should I hydrate your nests?

This question is dependant on what species you are trying to keep, species such as 'Lasius' will require hydration around every 3-4 days, however 'humid loving' species such as 'Myrmica' will require hydration every 1-2 days. If you are in doubt about how often to hydrate your nest, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

I have an idea for a new product, can you make it?

We love hearing all ideas about new products, if you have an idea, you are more than welcome to contact us about it and if it is a great idea, it may even get made into a product! (Please note, we would love to make all ideas into products, but this is unfortunately impossible to do, if your idea doesn't get made into a product it doesn't mean that it isn't a good idea)

Ant Keeping Questions

What species would you reccomend for a first time ant-keeper?

Thats great that you are thinking about getting into ant-keeping! We would reccomend a UK native species for first time keepers, as they are usually easy to keep, they grow at a good speed and they are usually not (very) dangerous. After your first ant colony, the possibilty of what species you can keep is only limited by your own judgement.

What setup would you recommend for starting out in ant-keeping?

We would reccomend a 'Founding Kit', this provides you with everything you need to start ant keeping (Except protein) and it allows you to keep your colony in the test tube that they arrived in, therefore preventing stress. The best part is, the 'Founding Kit' only costs £7.50! - So if you decide that ant-keeping just isn't for you, then it is not a big investment to lose!

When can I put my colony into a nest?

We would reccomend placing your colony into a nest once they have around 20-30 workers, this is to make sure that they will forage and not dump rubbish into the nest.

When should I feed my colony?

You should feed your colony once the queen has got her first worker and then every 2-5 days after that depending on species.

How much time do I need to keep ants?

Your ants will require as little as five minutes attention every couple of days until they colony has around 200+ workers and this will rise to around ten minutes. Extremely large colonies (5,000+ workers) may require up to thirty minutes every couple of days to clean out and feed however this will take a while to reach this number.

Other Questions

Do you sell your products in bulk/for resale?

We currently do not sell our products in bulk, however this is something that we may consider in the future.

Can I have to file to one of your products?

We do not offer STL copies of any of our products for obvious reasons.

Can I copy/make products that are similar/identical to yours?

No, all of our products are protected by Copyright and Design Right, this makes it illegal for anyone to reproduce, remake or remix any of our products without our written permission. We have a legal protcol to follow should the aforementioned occur, if you are found to be in violation of our Copyright/Design Right, legal proceedings may be taken against you.

Your products look very similar to that of some other ant shops?

Our products are 100% original and unique, any products bearing a strong resemblance to ours are copies and as previously mentioned, legal action may be taken against them, remember if it doesn't have our logo/name on it and it is not sold on this website then it is not an official product. If you do happen to come across any products/items like this, then please contact us about them, it will be much appreciated!

What species do you keep?

I keep and have kept over 25 colonies of ants, with a wide variation of species.

What is your opinion on invasive species? (EG: Solenopsis)

I personally do not condone the keeping of invasive species, unless the keeper is highly responsible and has precautions in place incase of escapes.

I have a question that you haven't covered?

Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer, it may even get put onto this FAQ!